What a day!

I’m playing a Nordea Tour tournament here in Sundsvall, Sweden. It’s actually quite close to my home town in Finland and that’s why Mum and Dad came here yesterday. They woke up 3.30a.m and drove here to see me play all three days. BUT when I was about to tee off for the first round, the referees called us in due to the heavy rain we’ve had here for two days. We weren’t able to continue and were supposed to play 36 holes today.

It was raining heavily and the greens got so wet again that after 6 holes of play they called us in again. We were supposed to start 11.00..then 14.00.. and then 15.30 when they finally decided to cancel the rounds for today. Everyone gets to start all over tomorrow and we are going to play 27 holes. It was good news to me. When we played Pro-Am I made 6 birdies and played -3. Now I was +5 after 6 holes..


XOXO Linda


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