Some observations from my first week here.

Number 1.

I’ve been getting some weird looks, when I’ve been driving.. I always stop if I see someone trying to cross the street. That is NOT a Finnish thing to do. Here, you press the gas pedal. In Sweden you can easily get a ticket for not stopping.

Number 2.

When you’re waiting for a bus, you will need to wave at the bus if you want the it to stop. Otherwise it is just going to drive pass you. In Sweden all buses stop if someone is sitting or standing at the bus stop. I’ve heard so many fun stories from my Swedish friends, about how they’ve been waiting and waiting, missing a bus after another and all of them just drive pass.

Number 3.

When you’re buying your groceries, you will need to weight your vegetables, fruits and sweets. If you somehow forget to do this, you will have to run back to the vegetable section and get the freaking sticker. Before I get used to this little rule, I’ll be favoring the smallest supermarkets I can find..

Number 4.

It is important to avoid eye-contact with people you don’t know. You’re supposed to walk your head held down or just play with your phone. Also, try to look busy and angry! However, if you for some reason are looking up and trying to make eye-contact, people will consider you as a crazy person. They will look scared and panic, because they think you might ask or want something.. So heads down!! 😉


Puss o kram



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