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Only 2-3 weeks left before the season starts!! Well I actually already played my first European Tour event for the year in March. For the tournament in Morocco I was first on the reserve list. The first reserve has to travel even tough the player wouldn’t be in the field and I decided to give my place to the next player, cause it wasn’t sure that I would get in.. It was too expensive and difficult to get to Agadir and back.. I will be playing my next event (LET access) in Switzerland in May and thereafter I will compete almost every week.

I’ve been in Halmstad the whole year except for the 2 weeks I spent in Florida practising with my team mates, Emelie & Alex. We practised and played and went to see the PGA tour event in Palm Beach. My trip to Florida was shorter than planned as I found out that I’d gotten into the tournament in China. I traveled for 31 hours and got there less than 48h before the tournament started. The time distance between Florida and Haikou is ELEVEN hours.. I didn’t get jet lagged, but I got hungry at very weird times of the day.. And like when it was time for supper, I wanted to eat breakfast and so on… I missed the cut by three due to a little fade from the tee.

I also flew to Finland for a photo shoot for Golflehti. It comes out the 16th of April. I got to spend a few hours in Helsinki with my old friends from the national team and got to hear all the latest gossips about their love lives. And others’.

The weather has been awfull this week. We’ve had thunder, wind, fog, rain and (last AND least) sun.. I’ve been practising well anyway. Now I’m sitting on my couch, eating carrot cake and drinking coffee, trying to get warm enough to maybe do one more practise session before starting to watch the final day of the MASTERS!!! I’m soooooooo hoping that Jonas Blixt plays well. And don’t try to tell me that I’m not a true Finn cause I’m cheering for a Swedish player. Cause I am.


Playing the piano I need to take a break from practise.    Tripple trouble on the putting green.       Oh, I love carrot cake. And coffee. And Finnish design.

  ppplokii ppploki  ppplok




XOXO Linda


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