Season 2012

I will be playing Ladies European Tour Access Series and on Nordea Tour this season. I missed the cut for the final stage in La Manga so I didn’t manage to get any kind of card/category for Ladies European Tour 2012. I played bad.. Yes, I was very sad a couple of days but I choose to think that this one event doesn’t make me a weaker player than I was a few weeks ago. Bob Rotella writes in one of his books that ”Free will is the greatest gift anyone could have given us.”. I can choose to feel bad about myself and be sorry for me, or try to see this in another way. Playing the Q-school in La Manga revealed the biggest thing that keeps me from performing in a way that i should / am capable of. I think I’m afraid of failure.. As the season starts no earlier than in March, I have a lot of time to overcome my fear now that I’m aware of it. So actually missing the cut was the best thing that could have happened, right? Wink It will make me a better golfer anyway..

Now that I’m back in Sweden I’ll get back to my studies and I’m actually surprisingly excited! I’m planning to move to a bigger apartment cause this one is (getting) kinda small. Waiting to find one and desperate for a change I started to rearrange my apartment, changed a white cover to my couch and put a new painting on my wall. Then suddenly my TV decided to jump off the couch. I had to buy a new one today and as my apartment looks different now I’m starting to have second thoughts about moving out..


XOXO Linda


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