sssMy dad and my two brothers started playing golf in 1993. Four years later me and my mum begun taking lessons, but we really weren’t too interested in it. I felt that football, track and fields, balet and playing the piano was more fun. In 2000, my brothers were playing really well and they got to be a part of the nortern Finland’s team. That for me sounded awesome. The coach for the team was Tommi Linna and he got me excited about golf and became my trainer. I began to practise 2 – 3 times/week in the winter and every day in the summer. All the sports that I had been doing and especially balet had a very positive effect to my swing. I danced balet and played the piano for 10 years.

The following summer I was playing against the best under 12-year-olds in Finland. In the age of 13, I won my first bronze medal in the Finnish Chapionships for U16. I found school very easy, so it only took 8 years for me to finish the school that is supposed to take 9 years. When I then started high school, I was only 14 years old. And I had decided to go to a high school for golfers (the only one in Finland), 6 hours from my home in Tornio. After high school in 2008, I moved to Halmstad in Sweden to study in university, and that’s where I’m still living. The pracitse facilities are great and many of the Swedish golf professionals live here.

I played for the Finnish national team until I turned professional. The most memorable tournaments for me must have been the World Championships in Australia 2008 and 2010.

I turned pro in 2011 and played my first two seasons on Nordea Tour. The year 2013 was my first full season on LET access series (the under tour for Ladies European Tour) and I finished 13th in the Order of Merit. We played in 9 different countries, 15 tournaments altogether. I was on the road for 194 days during last year.

In December of 2013 I got myself a European Tour card through Qualifying School in Morocco!! Not a full card, but category 9b.

I love my job and I hope to be able to do this as long as possible. My dream is to become one of the best players in the world. To represent Europe in the Solheim Cup and to play for the team Finland in the Olympic Games are things that keep me motivated.


Born : 15/09/1989 in Tornio

Family: Mother , Father , Charlotta , Pontus and Niklas

Education: Finished high school in Oulu 2008, Halmstad University sports science student , 2008 –

Started playing golf : 1997 in Tornio

Previous clubs : 97 – Meri- Lapin Golf Club, 05 – Kokkola Golf, 07 – Oulu, Golf Club , Golf Virpiniemi 08- Home club: Halmstad Golfklubb

Hole in Ones: 2

Coaches : Katarina Michols , Anna Staffansson

In the bag: WilsonStaff

Shoes: Duca del Cosma

Height: 172cm

Weight: 61kg

Handicap: 0.0

Interests: Books, movies, music, sports, fashion and food


Career highlights:

LET Access Series 13th place in the Order of Merit 2013,

*2nd place* Nordea Tour Sundsvall

*3rd place* LETAS Sundsvall, LETAS Hillside

*4th place* LETAS Sövesborg Nordea Tour Norrköping

*Many 5th places*


Medals in Finnish Championships : 7 gold , 6 silver , 1 bronze

Medals in Swedish Championships: 1 Silver ( team) 


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