Writing in English again.. For 3 weeks ago i went to see a chiropractor who has helped me before with my back/hip problems. It’s not Alan from the two and a half men, though I am a big fan of him.. This chiropractor has helped many Swedish tour players aswell and luckily he lives here in Halmstad. Welll.. I found out that 9 out of my 24 ribs were dislocated. He was shocked that i hadn’t come to see him earlier. It actually wasn’t that painful as it sounds, but i admit that at times the pain hit me like hundreds of knives. Not during the practise though. I guess it all started in September and got worse and worse, but i also got use to the pain. I actually thought that i just had been training my upper body too hard. Anyway, Johan (the chiropractor) has been fixing it ever since and i was allowed to start practising about 48 hours after the first meeting. But.. Then i got sick. I was down with a fever & flu for 2 weeks!! Wasn’t fun.

Now I’m back in the game again! We’ve been changing my swing. It sure looks a bit different now that my left shoulder is in it’s place and able to make the movements that it should. I went to see Anja Pärson’s physiotherapist Anna Staffanson today just make sure that my shoulders gets stronger without destroying my ribs. One of them is still having a hard time staying on it’s place and now i’m gonna work on the muscles around it to help it. It all sounds quite bad, but it really doesn’t hurt to swing or putt. Not even when i’m training on the gym.

For a week ago my brother broke his foot/ankle when he was watching the Swedish Rally. Jari-Matti Latvala went to same high school for a year as me and my brother. My both brothers were in Karlskrona to see him race when the oldest one somehow stumbled(?) and hurt his leg. He insisted to watch the finish and only after that took an ambulance to the hospital. So it’s not only me in my family with a high pain tolerance.. Poor Niklas.

What else.. Yea, I was working in Gothenburg for 4 days when they hosted a boat show. I was there to show, tell and demonstrate how a Drainman (Länsman) works. It was nice to do something else for a change. Now i’ve got a lot to do at school. I took an IT course and we’re working on a project. One Swedish, one Thai and one Finnish girl in our group to keep things interesting and complicated. 


XOXO Linda


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