Last week

Letaccess starts in Switzerland next week and I’m gonna play at least three tournaments in May. The Letaccess season kicks off with four tournaments within a month. I will fly to Finland on monday for an Olympic Camp and then to Switzerland on wednesday. The tournament starts on friday. It looks like I’m not gonna be playing in Turkey and it doesn’t seem likely that I’m in the field for Netherlands either.


Niklas and Sandra came to Halmstad to visit me for Easter holiday. They arrived a week ago and stayed for four nights. We played some golf, ate good food and did some shopping at Ullared, which is a Swedish version of Keskisten kyläkauppa. The weather was so nice that we had dinner outside twice.


I got a new watch last week! Suunto Ambit 2 S and I’m sooooo happy. It shows me my heart rate, speed, VO2, calories, recovery time, training effect and kilometers. There’s even an app for the watch that’s been popular among men.. It shows you how far you need to run to burn a beer. Not something I need to get right now though 🙂

 I had the watch on when I played 18 holes with my team mates earlier this week. We played Umbriago. Me and Sofia against Madde and Linnea (they play on the LETaccess tour) on Halmstad GK’s Södra bana. The course is 5500m long and relatively flat. It took us 4,5 hours, and 71 shots for me to play it. Even though all of us stayed on the fairways the whole round, we walked a total of 9,7 kilometers.

I had a trolley, but still I managed to burn 1050 calories. It’s THREE times more than what I burned on our fitness session after the round. So ladies, when your guys wants to play a round of golf, be happy. They might get more fit there than at the gym. Let’s just hope they’ll skip the snacks and the beers at the clubhouse afterwards…

A funny fact is that I always had a higher heart rate on the putting greens (which I checked after the round on my movescount). I had a pretty important 5m long birdie putt on the last hole and had my highest heart rate for the day 130!! Crazy!

And yes, I made the putt and we won 😉 

1. Divots 2.Niklas & Sandra 3.Food 4. Trees 5. My icecream was toooo cold 6. BBQ 7. Day off 8. My Suunto 

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XOXO Linda


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