Kristianstad and plans for the season

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The second LETaccess event of the year was played in Kristianstad last week. We’ve had tournaments there three years in a row, so most of the players know the course well. It’s beautiful and tricky with many doglegs. This year the course was played longer than the years before. Or maybe it just felt longer because the wind was blowing from different direction.

 I wasn’t hitting the ball well, but managed to get a decent result anyway.. A lot thanks to a good caddie and for not giving up once during the 54 holes. 120 girls from 20-30 countries and I finsihed 17th.

 This week Ladies European Tour goes to Amsterdam and LET access to Sölvesborg. I had a hard choice to make after Turkey. I had to decide wheather I would play all the events that I can on European Tour OR have my focus on LET access. My goal is to get a full membership for LET next year and there’s three different ways to do that:

  1. To be TOP 80 on European Tour money list

  2. 2. To be TOP 5 on LETaccess moneylist

  3. 3. To go through Q-school.

To be TOP 80 on LET would be quite hard, because I will only get to play 3-8 tournaments when others play about 20. And in the end of the season I’d propably have to go to Q-school. I feel that I have a good chance to get to membership through LETaccess, but then I’d have to play as many tournaments as I can. Meaning, that whenever LET and LETaccess are played the same week, I would have to choose LETaccess… And that is what I’m going to do. This week I had the chance to play LET in Holland, but I’m going to play LETaccess in Sölvesborg instead. I’m gonna be in Helsinki next week so I’ll have to skip LETaccess in Spain.

 We arrived to Sölvesborg today with Halmstad GK’s Team Tylösand. Six golf professional girls from one and the same club, playing Europe’s second best tour! Is that awesome or what? We played the course, drove to our cabin, made some food (Swedish food ”flying Jacob” with chicken, peanuts, cream, bananas and rice) and now we are relaxing and starting to watch a movie.. The tournament starts on Wednesday.

 The internet is so slow that I’ll post pictures later..


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