In Tornio for Christmas

Hey again! Decided to write in English cause people keep complaining that they don’t understand a word i’m writing. So i’ll make an exception.. I got back from Florida a bit more than a week ago. I spent a few days in Halmstad practising with my coach. Since we hadn’t seen each other for 6 weeks she had to check my swing, putting and chipping. All looked good and everything had improved while i was in Florida. Now i’m in Tornio and cleaned up our garage so that i can practise putting and chipping whenever i want. I could hit some balls there too but i’m gonna do that somewhere else. We’ve got dozens of holes in the roof cause dad also has been practising there and he is about 15cm too long and therefore keeps hitting the roof with his clubs.

I really enjoyed my stay in the states and can’t wait to get back there. Marika and Pontus made me company the 3 last weeks. We practised and played a lot and got to play at Ritz-Carlton that is an awesome golf course in Jupiter. Michelle Wie and Luke Donald (among other stars) has a house next to the course. Thanks, Mr. Haikala and the Rosens’!

Me and Marika went to see one more hockey game, Panthers-Penguins ( I went to see the panthers-blackhaws with mum & dad earlier) and even saw tigers, lions and monkeys (at a zoo though). We did do some shopping too and went to Michelle Branch’s concert with Pontus and one of our new friends, Johannes. One of the highlights (if golf dosen’t count) was when Johannes thaught us to shoot with a real pistol at a shooting range. That was great!!


I’m gonna add some photos if i some how manage to get those on my computer. 🙂


XOXO Linda


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