HLR LETAS in Helsinki!

We are playing in Helsinki this week! I feel like I’m home altough my home in Finland is 750km north of Helsinki. We played a Pro-Am and had a press conference today. The club announced that the prize money for next years LETAS at Hill Side Golf & Country Club will be 50 000e, which is the doubble of what we usually have. And in 2015 they are going to host a LET event!! I’m so happy to hear the news.

The course feels longer and greens faster than last year. It’s great to see so many Finnish faces on the course!! I’m sharing a room with Madde (she is Swedish), as usual, and I’ve been feeding her Finnish food (mainly sweets) these 2 days. She wasn’t very happy with me as we took a quick tour in central Helsinki, cause I had no clue of Helsinki’s history and buildings. I’ve got a lot of studying to do this night. I know all the good restaurants. Thought that was enough..?

Teeing off 13.45 tomorrow! Follow at www.letaccess.com



XOXO Linda


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