I arrived to Crete yesterday. Things didn’t go as planned cause I didn’t get the car I had rented and payed for (now everything is ok though) so I had to take a taxi to the hotel. The hotel got 4,5 stars from tripadvisor so it was supposed to be good. When I got there, there were no lights anywhere and i was the only person there.. After a while someone showed up and gave me a key.. The hotel was terrible, far away from 4,5 stars, but I survived.


Today I had a day off. It was raining when I woke up, but I was happy with the weather cause last night I had a dream that we had a tsunami here.

I took a walk in the town, drank a lots of coffee and had a meeting with mr. Bob Rotella (no, he is not here i’m just reading his boo

They had these amusing spas here for your feet! Your supposed to let about 30-50 fishes eat the skin off your feet. Sounds perfect, right?

I picked up Emilia and Leena from the airport and we drove to Hernosissos. It took 2,5 hours and our poor car almost didn’t make it. I was driving as fast as I could, but the max speed was 60km/h at times. This hotel is lovely and I feel safe.

Xoxo Linda


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