2 more to go!

I’m sitting on a train in Sweden towards Borlänge to see my brothers. Yap, we’re Finnish, but me and my 2 brothers are living in Sweden. Our parents and little sister are still living in Finland, but only by 500-800 meters. They basically just need to cross the river in Tornio, and then they’re in Sweden. Sometimes when you’re sleeping at my parents house, you get this SMS from the network operator in the middle of the night saying ”Welcome to Sweden”. That really wakes you up and makes you check where you’re sleeping and that you haven’t been sleep walking or something.. Well anyway. Altough they live that close to the border, it’s not helping me too much. They’re still a thousand km from my brothers and 1,500 km from me. Sweden is a pretty long country. Skype makes it a bit shorter though.

I did some chipping and bunker shots this morning and got on a train. It takes 8 hours to get to my brothers so I’ll have pleanty of time to update my homepage, send e-mails and even do some reading (I just realized I have to give up whatever I was planning to do online, cause there’s no internet connection. So.. Reading it is..). I’ll be back in Halmstad on Sunday and my brother, Niklas, and his girlfriend are gonna drive home with me (500km). Niklas has been watching this TV-show ”Ullared” and he is really facinated about the people in it. And I happen to live 45min from there… So I guess that’s where he’s gonna take his girlfriend for a tour.

 Last week we had a tournament in Crete. I was doing great, but played a terrible front nine the last day, which cost me quite a lot (LITERALLY). I managed to pull my self together on the back nine and birdied 16th & 18th to make it back to TOP 10. These points helped me to get an exemption to the Final Stage of the Q-school for Ladies European Tour. If I’ll win one of the last 2 events, I’ll get a full membership for 2014 without the Q-School. The season has been good so far. Our next event will be in Alicante, Spain the 18th -20th of November and the week after in Belek, Turkey the 28th -30th of November.







KREATA         AZoreil


XOXO Linda



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